Wednesday, August 11, 2010


This is an index of some of the available paintings I have. Email me at for pricing.
Coney Island: Stripes 40"x40" $200
3 small SOLD
Mr. Mr 32"x30" SOLD $100
The VIC, Glasgow, 48"x24"? $150 SOLD

On the go, bas relief, 40"x 30" $300

Swimming lesson 5'x5'  SOLD $300

self portrait $35
Spellbound's Rolling Thunder,
 42"x24" $50
self portrait $10

bailing hay, Penland, 19"x24"SOLD $50

morning coffee SOLD $100
Coney Island, mask 48"x32" $100
detail CI mask
tire pot mermaid,  36"x30"? $75 SOLD
Ice Princess 48"x34" 2001 $75 SOLD
The Embrace - 48"x40" $200

Christine, 37"x34" SOLD $200

Aunt 24"x18"1999 SOLD $100

hotness 40"x40" 2009 $350

muscle beach, 2010 30"x40" $350

The Patriot (eve of war), 40"x40", 2003 $200

cake envy (bad girls) 40"x40", 2003 $200

adrift, 30"x32" 2003 $100

Girlish Dreams, 40"x40" 2005 $200

Father Daughter Dynamic, 40"x40" 2003 $200

"Wedding Night (Fight)" 30"x32" 2003  SOLD

"Herculon" 30"x32" 2003 $100

"Hair Band" 30"x32" 2003 $100 SOLD

"Date Night" 5'x5'  SOLD

"Give mama some sugar"  18"x18" 2004 $50   SOLD

"The Guitar Player" 30"x32" 2003  SOLD

"D'ya party?" 30"x32" 2003  SOLD

"Safeway Shopper" 40"x40" SOLD $200

"Latina" 40"x40" 2002 $200

"Coney Island: The Human Lightning Rod" 40"x40" SOLD $200

Coney Island: Flag Day, 30"x40" 2002 $175

Coney Island: Pink Princess, 2002 34"x32" framed $150 SOLD

"Pow Wow: Spikes" 40"x40" 2002 $200

"Suburban Man" 32"x30"  SOLD

"Urban Girl" 40"x40", 2002 $200

"Roma: Commandatore" 1998 40"x30"framed
painted from Fellini's film "Roma" SOLD $250

"Roma: we will conquer" 1998  32"x34" $150
painted from Fellini's film "Roma"

ally is a superfreak, 2001 32"x30" $50

Twin Maids SOLD
Sunburnt Boy, 32"x30" $75

boychick 32"x30" 2004 $75

WW11 Lady Ambulance driver SOLD $50
Turkish tomb 2001framed $100
Suburban Woman, 36"x30" 1999 $100
Maria  SOLD
self portrait 48"x24"? $100

self portrait New Years eve 30"x20"? $100
Urban Girl 30"x30" 1999 $100

Manny, Moe & Jack $100 SOLD

Devil's ROck Candy Mountain 30"x24"? $100 SOLD
Sparky 37"x28" framed $100 SOLD

Oasis Nite cLub, 1/1/75 27"x25" framed $75

Sysco 24"x 15"? $50 SOLD
Paschal Lamb 38"x32" $200 SOLD
SoWeBo self portrait 30"x20"? $50
Altar 36"x24" GUILDED FRAME $150 SOLD


"The Kissing Project" It all about studying the moment of anticipation just before the kiss happens.
Ink, latex and rain on paper. There are over 50 of these. 19 1/2”x 25 3/4” 2007
These 2 are sold- I will post more this week. If you are especially interested in them, contact me & I will let you know as soon as they go up.


KISSES 40"X40" LOWER LEFT SOLD $200 each
The Kiss (from “The Ballad of Sharon and Zebedee”) oil, spray paint, charcoal on canvas 2005
I’ve been working on this kiss from a found photo for a while now. The pressure between these lovers is so subtle. The slightest adjustment is all the difference transforming a tender moment into a situation of domination.

"Wall of Poodle" airbrush and stencil on linoleum tile, 9"x9" $10 ea

Yearbook Wall $25  each
I find the egalitarian aspect of yearbooks liberating. Everyone from class clown to homecoming queen gets equal space and treatment. The dramatic contrast from 1946 to 1992 high school images is highly revealing. One, from my father’s Brooklyn, NY’s New Utrecht High School Yearbook, shows adults ready to enter a world before the time of teenagers. In contrast, the kids in “Mee Ma ‘93” contain an atmosphere of uncertainty as well as all the classics of my own high school years: stoner, beauty queen, geek, queer, freak.

monotypes on pesche blue, rives BFK, 19”x22”, 2003 vine charcoal on vellum19”x22”, 2000-01

and monotypes:
I did a massive series of Yearbook drawings and monotypes from 2000-2003. These are the ones still available.  $25 each





other interesting projects: